Well, this sounds ominous…

Artificial intelligence could lead to extinction, experts warn (BBC)


There is a guy in our estate who keeps pigeons. If I could teach my dog to fly she would circle that man’s home and car.

I don’t think you should be happy when someone loses their job, but Ryan Brasier being dfa-ed was long overdue.

Almost done cleaning the house for a Eurovision Party. At least 5 countries represented! Although not all will be participating 🇮🇪🇸🇪🇱🇹🇮🇳🇺🇸

At the fleadh in Balbriggan. The wife is in the photo on fiddle

I just learned about Grammarly Go this morning, and I love it! (And it fixed two things in this short post.)

I am so looking forward to Silo 📺! And yes, I have read the books and know what happens.

Over the bank holiday weekend, we spent one night watching shorts and clips from the Irish Film Institute app. 🍿 It was a blast…but nothing made us laugh as much as this: shorts.screenireland.ie/films/gra…

Sitting on the bus and my throat gets a sensation I hadn’t experienced in years. Guy on other side of bus is smoking. I do not miss those days.

I posted about an article from the Gospel Coalition a few days ago. The more I thought about it, the more it got under my skin. So I wrote about it.

Protecting the Powerful - bobwilson.ie

I appreciate the emphasis on community here, and love the one word summary of the gospels. AI Theology - Experimental Theology with Richard Beck

So the concern is how fallen leader are talked about…and no mention of victims. Not surprised.


Hey, Bloom, when is this supposed to get awesome?


Also in Wales…. Route 87 and the Red Sox. 📷

Even though I am in a US themed diner in the middle of Wales, I didn’t expect to see Chautauqua County represented. 📷

Spending the day in Cardiff.

March Photoblog Challenge 📷 - Day 31
A great book 📚 for exploring spiritual practices.

March Photoblog Challenge 📷 - Day 30
Cloud Gate in Chicago is basically a bean-shaped mirror.

March Photoblog Challenge 📷 - Day 29
Not always easy to find fresh jalapeños here, so pre sliced it is.

March Photoblog Challenge 📷 - Day 28
My brain isn’t working well enough to come up with a photo that says prompt. So here is a photo of my dog when she saw a swan.

March Photoblog Challenge 📷 - Day 27
Supports on a platform at Connolly Station.

March Photoblog Challenge 📷 - Day 26 My wife did panic slightly when she saw two of her instruments on the floor so I could take this photo.

March Photoblog Challenge 📷 - Day 25 When it comes to spices, I have a type.

My Final Rant of the 2023 Baseball Season ⚾️

I began following the Red Sox in 1978, and have spent way too many hours watching and listening to games, studying box scores, and thinking about them over the past 4 ½ decades.

This year, we are on a break. I can’t remember the last time I missed an opening day. This year will be the first in a long time.

And Chaim Bloom, truly, it’s you, not me. I’m sure I’ll be back eventually. But as long as Bloom is running the team, no thanks. ⚾️