Have to admit I was liking post.news. Not sure what to think after learning about Marc Andreesen. Ugh


Got to see the Mountain Goats in Dublin last night. My first concert in a while and it was a good one!

Just a few things that caught my eye this week. bobwilson.ie/the-third…

Where M wants to go when we are in Howth.

Interesting data by Ryan Burge on faith and education


Week two of improv class in the books. And I won’t be quitting my day job.

I am really enjoying Peripheral so far. Definitely my favourite show of the past few months 📺

With all of the upheaval in the social media world, I find myself trying to figure out the best path forward…blog, micro.blog, mastodon, substack…i really wish the people I most want to keep up with weren’t all on fb.

Anyone paying $8 for your blue tick? I figured it would take at least a month before twitter imploded. I am here for the show🍿

We have one clock in our house, on the microwave, that does not update automatically with the time change. Of course that is the clock we look at all day, and the one we are looking at as we wonder why our guests aren’t here yet. 🤦‍♂️

Morning walk along Dublin Bay

I had to sign up for a few different sites to access academic papers while working on my Masters. One of the sites keeps asking if “I am the Bob Wilson who wrote…”

Today I was asked if…well, you can read the image.

I am happy to say I most definitely am not.

This is amazing!

Pedro !!

One of the best days of the year is #Yankee Elimination Day!

Luis Gonzalez in 2001 Josh Beckett in 2003 The 2004 Red Sox (and 2018) The Astros too many times to track.

What is your favourite Yankee Elimination Day memory?

I will sleep well tonight.

I mean no one comes back from 3-0 down. How bad would you have to be to choke after being up 3-0?

Game Night #Dune

errands in city centre #Dublin

I wonder how that whole #Brexit is working out. That seemed like a great idea.

Finished listening to Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman 📚 Brilliant!

Rings of Power! 📺

A Day in the Life Challenge. Dublin’s Northside.

Finished listening to: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke 📚

yappy dogs

Serious question. Why do people leave their dogs outside barking for more than a minute? Let alone 10 minutes. Do they not hear it? Do they not care? (about the dog or their neighbours?) And the middle of the day is one thing…when kids are in bed on a school night… Okay, rant over.